Raised in Labrador, Canada, and New Zealand. James lived in Hawkes Bay, NZ, a province with a Mediterranean climate, full of orchards, vineyards, and beautiful light. Both New Zealand and Canada have Indigenous and European populations, which inspire James’ paintings.


The rich patterns in the art of the Maori peoples of New Zealand and First Nations of Canada have influenced his artistic style.


James completed his fine arts degree later in life, but his unique style and passion for colour have created exclusive works among today’s Canadian painters.

Initially, his passion for art came from colouring books. As an adult, James attempted to achieve photo-realistic results. His style is now looser, with pattern and vibrant colour.


James does not wish to compete with photographs describing his art as towards impressionism. With acrylics for quick drying time, his efforts result in colourful, playful, and humorous works.

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